Hunker Down


We’ve been thinking about this idea of looking for and noticing the “trivial” and ordinary things as a way to find familiarity and restore a sense of normalcy. And, we’ve been thinking about just how much that relates to Houston. It’s Worth It.

This is a city that’s used to disruption.

We’re used to disruption and downturns. We’re used to empty store shelves and uncertainty. We’re used to being at home with nowhere to go (because of the heat, the hurricanes, or the mosquitoes, usually). But, we’re not quite used to this.

The No Bars,
The No Restaurants,
The No Traffic,
The No Toilet Paper,
The No Parties,
The No Office,
The No School,
The No Oil Boom,
The No Rockets,
The No Masks,
The No Crowds,
The No Theaters,
The No Concerts,
The No Galas,
The No Museums,
The No Quinceañeras,
The No Graduations,
The No Rodeo,
The No Testing,
The No Vaccine.

So, in these interesting times, we want to see your life and hear your stories without the algorithms or the ads. Help us find what’s normal… or novel.


Hunker Down