We see this book being part love letter, part roast, part remembrance. We’re looking for anything that reflects this national landmark’s presence in our city–and beyond. We’ve all seen the staple images of the exterior, but what we want now are your indelible memories. Anecdotes, photos, souvenirs, foam fingers, pennants, old jerseys, ticket stubs… If it involved The Dome, we want to know about it.


-Were you an extra during the filming of Bad News Bears in Breaking Training?

-Did you see Pink Floyd, Elvis, or Selena perform live?

-Were you a Katrina refugee or volunteer?

-Did you attend The Game of the Century? Or the National League Champion Series?

-How about WWE, Boxing, MonsterJam, or Supercoss events?


And don’t forget about the often overlooked but equally important memories of tailgating in the parking lot; old rodeos; parking, sunscreening, and walking across the bridge to AstroWorld; and of course, good ‘ole fashion ballgames.

We realize these memories may be old–in fact they probably predate digital photography–so get your old photo albums out and start scanning. Or bring them to us and we’ll scan them for you!


Show Us Why It’s Worth It


Houston. It’s Worth It. (HIWI) began as an unofficial, unsolicited campaign for the city of Houston created by ttweak in the summer of 2004.